Happy International Happiness Day ! #happydaymarch20


Just a brief posting, yes, Happy International Happiness Day, but as you probably know, I don’t believe that we need a particular day to celebrate happiness.

I still spend my days, walking the streets, always being friendly or nice to whomever I meet, whether it be a waitress at a restaurant, or my dry cleaner, or the barista at Starbucks.


I am of the mentality that one should be nice all the time and to everyone, if one is nice to someone, and asks for what they need pleasantly, it will come back to you in spades.

And time and time again, I have proven that this is always the case. I live by this very mentality every day. ( and you should do the same)


So….Happy International Happiness Day!


A caffeinated approach? I’ve finally crossed over to the “dark side” #caffeine


Hey, I’ve always loved Starbucks, it’s in my blood, in my make up, in my chemistry, part of my soul.

But I think I’ve crossed over to the dark side.

I used coffee grounds for an exfoliating face scrub!

Yes, it sounds insane, but caffeine is the main ingredient in those cellulite busting products, ( the ones worth $200+) so go ahead, shower with them, do your whole body!

And you know what, it felt terrific, yes you smell like coffee, but my face felt awesome afterwards.

Try a bit, go to your local Starbucks and ask for some coffee grounds (hell, they are free, I know crazy huh, something free at Starbucks!)

Let me know what you think, don’t be shy, go for it….you’ll thank me!


Fashion……on wheels ! #fashiontruckcda

I love this concept ! Love these girls! They have taken a very simplistic concept ( which of course was their own) and done something wonderful, fresh, successful, and the best part, wait for it…fashionable!

Their tag line is wonderful as well…”great fashion doesn’t just fall off the back of a truck” Lol. Brilliant!

Ashley and Emily, purveyors of fine fashion..have taken their great knowledge and exceptional buying taste in fashion and  put it on a truck !  I first came across them on King St. West in Toronto, Summer 2014.

As I approached the steps, little tables of candy flanked the steps of the entrance.  I entered, and was thrilled to see a great array of terrific women’s fashion, hand picked by these girls.  And there is even a change room!

Glitz, glamour, street chic, and fun…you will find ALL of that here!

You can find them in different parts of the city, and other cities as well, most often Liberty Village, King St. West ( at Portland) and Trinity Bellwoods area

Bravo girls, keep doing what your doing!

And follow them on Twitter . I do! @fashiontruckcda…..to find out about great sales, new collections and their location

Stay Wild!imageimageimage

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

April showers does usually bring May flowers…thank god!

After a long hard and really cold Toronto winter, it’s time to finally switch up our outfits, digging our Spring jackets out….

But let’s not forget about our rainwear, forget about our old rubber boot and yellow rain coat mentality for a moment.

Just as we can wear awesome winter wear in still be in fashion, so can be said for April showers weather!

The new collection by Alasdhair Willis, husband of fashion darling Stella McCartney, has been at the helm of the Hunter collection since 2013. Others are now following in their footsteps, like Toronto based Trout Rainwear’s capes, to Paris line Wanda Nylon’s lightweight parka. Parka? Yes, don’t forget, we are in Canada, we don’t necessarily get those Paris rainy romantic days..unless we create the romance ourselves!



Jane Post slicker jacket



Striped jacket, available at Gravity Pope, Toronto



Coat by T by Alexander Wang. (www.alexanderwang.com)

Vinyl…..my first love…….#vinyl



Quite unbelievable.

I sold my massive record collection about 11 years ago.

I have had no real regrets in my life until this.

The resurgence of vinyl has been massive (for those in the know)

Of course with the passing of Sir Bowie (that post will come soon, I promise) it made me realize how foolish I had been, considering I had the largest collection of Bowie in Canada (maybe England) to my knowledge.

65 different pressings, including bootlegs of EVERY single tour, including the first tour in the U.S (1972) in Long Island.

Ok, enough about it, I’m getting teary eyed.

Important to mention however, 2 years ago, I started re-collecting the vinyl ( that I already had and a few that I still wanted…quite a new collection of vintage vinyl growing! ( and yes, of course, I kept ALL my 45’s from back in the day, some wonderful ones, including all the original Sex Pistols and Siouxsie and the Banshees of course!)

Bon Weekend….tout le Monde …go spin some vinyl!





How to rock leggings…..still! #balmain #anndemeulemeester



Hardly will you see a runway or the streets this season where leggings aren’t being worn in some way or another. Whether they be cotton or leather, they have become an essential for any wardrobe. Dressed up or dressed down, it makes no difference! No longer must they be a lay on the couch and watch t.v accessory.

Worn with either a light or sheer top or knit, oversized overcoat and big, chunky jewellery, everyone can find so etching in their own wardrobe to throw together this great Fall look, that is all over the runways from 3.1 Philip Lim, to Ann Demeulemeester and Balmain!



1949 was probably never looked at in the same way…

A fashion trend, that I had actually never heard of, had you?

Such a daring innovation in beachwear. But did it actually go anywhere?


Considering the times, I would have to say no, but read on …….

The adhesive brassiere was the brainchild of Charles L. Langs, discreet cups with protruding points ( this by the way was the same year the bullet bras were released by Maidenform, foreshadowing Madonna )

This bra could be worn as outerwear, achieving a very even tan, to say the least..

It was called the Poses ( pronounced pose-ease….) it could be worn at the beach with shorts, or later with evening wear.

Wireless, strapless and backless, unfortunately it never took off, possibly because each time one wore it, they had to put on new adhesive.

However, Langs should really be congratulated for his role in the evolution of the strapless bra.

I feel that if one of the brassiere companies was to bring this back, or a major beachwear company, it would be a massive hit.

Hmmm…maybe THIS is my new start up company…….